About the hostel

Prässebo Vandrarhem

Koordinater (WGS84)


Lon: 12.268778

About the hostel

The hostel in Prässebo located in the community center Sommarro, nestled in a rural setting with views of the famous long Bodasjön. The name Sommarö is a telling word for this feeling. Time goes a little slower and in a different rhythm.

The hostel is situated high overlooking the lake and the lovely child-friendly swimming area. It was formerly a house for housewives who could come here to rest. Rest and quiet, there is still plenty of here but now everyone is welcome.

Within walking distance from the hostel is the magical forest lake Iglasjön with its red water lilies. The surrounding area's undulating landscape with deep forests invites to hikes along trails and roads. In Prässebo are also relics like a stone circle and a cist. Bike trail Västgötaleden passes through Prässebo