Rent the whole house

STF Prässebo Vandrarhem

Koordinater (WGS84)


Lon: 12.268778

Rent the whole house!

STF Hostel Prässebo between Gothenburg and Trollhättan, in the country with rolling landscapes, deep forests and lakes. The houses are situated with beautiful lookout to lake and have a green garden. The hostel is often considered by guests to be homely, cozy, family friendly and have a tranquil setting.


Suitable groups are family celebrations, social and group development.


• 28 beds in 11 rooms.

• A large kitchen which also has fine china

• Breakfast can be ordered for groups or self-catering

• Possible to rent the entire hostel season


For further information and bookings please contact us via:


STF Vandrarhem Prässebo